Piano-Romantic / Because


Allow your spirit to unwind and dream, thanks to this romantic piano album, which expresses all the tenderness of the emotions that we feel when we fall in love, in form of a waltz, a voice song, or even an orchestral track.

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Begins with slow smooth jazzy piano waltz theme, then the orchestra gradually appears, strings slicks, flute comments, theme overlaid by the glockenspiel. At once intimate, sensual, magic, pastoral and heart-warming.
OriginalPastoralPerfumeLuxuryBeds / UnderscoresSoundtracks BedsRomantic ComedyInstrumentalBuildingNeoclassicalInspirationalHeartfeltRomanticSeductivePianoStrings SectionFluteGlockenspielCymbalsClassyMagicalJazzyAcousticCinematicLightSoft

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