Electro-Landscape & Drone / Because


Flying, inspiring and chilled atmosphere infuses this album with all the reflective and panoramic insights to look ahead, without any sense of time, ideal to accompany great spaces, or even reflective and deep times.

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OriginalLandscape / Panorama
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Acoustic guitar arpeggios introduction with bright and large piano comments. After a break, a laid-back and deep beat extends and darkens this feeling of fullness.
OriginalLandscape / PanoramaBeautyHealthLuxuryPerfumeBeds / UnderscoresAquaticInstrumentalRepetitiveBuildingElectroChill OutElectronic Music (Others)Minimal Techno / ElectroInspirationalMysteriousReflectiveWarmQuietAcoustic guitarPianoDrum machineElectric guitarOnomatopeaSamplesSynthesizerCoolLaidbackAtmosphericDeepCatchyCinematicSoftOrganicMinimalistic

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