A jump back to the beginnings of electronic music, with its retro synthesiser sounds as old drum machines, oscillators, or even bips and bops, this retro electro album will fit in with any production that would like to shed fresh and trendy light on electronic music's first steps.

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Daniel Kowalsky

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Cold, forceful, determined and laid-back electro beat. Various retro and disturbing samples, ominous and devious harmonies. Catchy and languid at the same time.
OriginalTechnologyFashionLuxuryRetro-CorporateScience FictionInstrumentalBuildingElectronic Dance MusicElectroElectronic Music (Others)SynthwaveMinimal Techno / ElectroGlitchSexySinisterSpectacularVictoriousSuspensefulAnxiousSneakyDrum machineSamplesSound effectsSynthesizerSynth bass1980-1989MinimalisticCatchyFuturisticRetroQuirkyCosmicGroovy

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